Dear Teacher

Congratulations! You have made one of the best decisions of your life to incorporate in your students' SEA preparation. By using our computer-based program, not only will your students' academic ability improve, but they will also gain valuable computer skills. We at understand the anxiety and concern associated with the SEA examination. In fact, it was through the experience of having our own children prepare for the SEA exam that was born.

The dream

Our dream is to create for you an assessment tool that adds to your teaching toolkit and in a significant way, eases the weight you carry in completing the work that must be done in classrooms throughout Trinidad & Tobago, year after year. It is hoped that once you adopt this tool, you and your students will be able to engage in much more of what you love- teaching and learning.

To assist you along your path to success, has created several instructional videos that can be found on the website and on YouTube. These videos walk you through the critical aspects of implementation, and even provide strategies and techniques that you can use as you work towards the instructional model that works best for you, your school and, most importantly, your students.

Our Teacher Consultants

We would like to thank our Educational Consultants; teachers who have provided us with the core academic content for our website and SEA Revision Exercise Booklets.

Mrs. Camille Bremnor . Bachelor of Science in Management Studies & Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design - University of the West Indies, Master of Education in Curriculum, Technology & Educational Reform- University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Instructional Designer, Teaches Standard Four & Fiver at the Diego Martin Government Primary School, Primary School educator for over 18 years, After School Study Centre facilitator

Mrs.Louise Archibald Beckles Bachelor Ed(Honours)University of Trinidad & Tobago, SEA Teacher Santa Cruz R.C, Primary school educator 10 Years,After School Study Centre facilitator

Ms. Jackie Rose. CQSW, University of London. Cert Ed. University of the West Indies. Head SEA Math Teacher Holy Faith (St. Bernadette's) Preparatory, 30 years as a primary school teacher.

Ms. Natalie Pawirodihardjo. Teachers College, Suriname. BA University of the West Indies. Head SEA Language Arts Teacher, Holy Faith (St Bernadette's) Preparatory, 22 years as a primary school teacher.

Ms. Keshmani Seebaransingh. B Ed University of New Brunswick. Principal of Gandhi Memorial Vedic School. 25 years as a primary school teacher. Revision Exercise Workbooks

Our Revision Exercise Workbooks was introduced in September 2010, our workbooks have been used in over 100 primary schools. The decision by principals, teachers and parents to purchase and use these books is first of all based on the academic value of our booklets. At the same time this decision supports us financially and allows us to provide the online program free of charge for the benefit of all. We thank you for this.

We thank you all for the support and encouragement that you have shown to us, from the time of our launch, way back in January of 2010, to today. This unwavering support has seen us successfully through our "Junior Infant" years. We also value your feedback - Keep them coming!

Finally, we thank and applaud you for your years of dedication to the children of our Nation.



Contact us at 222-0096 or 17B IDC Estate Diamond Vale, Diego Martin, Trinidad.