Welcome to the Creative Writing!

Creative Writing Student Monthly Prize:
  • Win 1 Chromebook.
  • Win 1 of 2 KFC Vouchers.
How to Qualify:
  1. To qualify to win a Chromebook, one (1) student must score the highest points on their essay submission.
  2. To qualify to win a KFC Voucher, two (2) students must score the second and third highest points on their essay submission.
  3. Each student must score at least 15 points on the Standard 4 & 5 Math & Language Arts Exercises each month.
  1. #1 Score 15 points or more on the S.E.A. Scoreboard.
  2. Roll the dice and write a story about the two (2) images generated.
  3. You must write 4 - 5 paragraphs about the two images.
  4. You have a maximum of two (2) attempts to write your essay.
  5. You will have four (4) hours for each attempt.
  6. The top 50 students on the scoreboard with quality submissions will receive feedback from an SEA grader. NOTE: A quality submission includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  7. Winners will be selected from qualifying students.
  8. Qualifying students will be selected based on their quality of submissions.
  9. All primary school students can participate.
  10. You must attend a T&T Ministry of Education certified primary school to qualify.
  11. The contest begins and ends on the first and last day of each month.
  12. This scoreboard will reset at the end of every month.
  13. A student can win a Chromebook from pennacool.com only once.
How Points are Awarded:
  1. The top 50 essays will be graded by an S.E.A. grader using the report/narrative writing rubric.
  2. One point will be awarded for any Standard 4 & 5 Math or Language Arts exercise completed with a grade of 40% and over on the S.E.A. Portal.
  3. You may attempt the exercises more than once, but a maximum of 2 points will be awarded per exercise per month.
  4. Students must click “Submit” at the end of each exercise to add their points to the scoreboard.
  5. All the points you earn during the day will show up on the scoreboard at the end of the next day.