How To Win


  • 5 Earbuds Monthly

    score 250 points and over on the monthly Science and Conservation scoreboard.

  • Class Prize

    1 Classroom upgrade consisting of a team of Cemex TCL volunteers participating in the upgrade inclusive of materials and resources provided by Cemex TCL and

About Cemex

Our purpose is to build a better future, and to do that we must address humanity’s most pressing issue: climate change.

We are fully aware that our production processes have a carbon footprint. We also know that our end-product, ready-mix concrete, is the most used man-made material in the world and plays an essential role in society’s development and growth. This sets the stage for us to contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing CO₂ emissions in our production processes, as well as the entire life cycle of our products.

Recognizing that global climate action goals require stronger efforts, and ensuring sustainability is at the core of everything we do, we created Future in Action, a program focused on developing lower-carbon products, solutions, and processes to become a net-zero CO₂ company.

Future in Action recognizes that the opportunity for reducing emissions is not limited to the production process but to the entire life cycle of our products, as well as transforming the industry’s value chain.

Focusing on achieving sustainable excellence through climate action, circularity, and natural resource management with the primary objective of becoming a net-zero CO₂ company.

To do this, Future in Action concentrates on six pillars:

  • Sustainable Products & Solutions
  • Decarbonizing our operations
  • Circular Economy
  • Water & Biodiversity
  • Innovation & Partnerships
  • Promoting a Green Economy

Our partnership with creates the opportunity to introduce Cemex |TCL to this audience and share the importance of Sustainability and Climate Action and more crucially the role we all must play to save planet earth.

We at Cemex|TCL are elated to welcome you to our family, and we look forward to partnering with future generations.