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About Paria

It's been five years since Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited (Paria) began its journey as a subsidiary of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited. From our humble beginnings in 2018, we continue to strive to be the leading energy trading company in the region.

Paria which is located in Pointe-a-Pierre strives to be the leading supplier of refined petroleum products such as Motor Gasoline, 92RON Unleaded, 95RON Unleaded, Kerosene/Avjet, Gas Oil/ULSD and Fuel Oil (HSFO and LSFO)

We trade and sell products (40,000 bbls) daily to Trinidad and Tobago and the regional markets. Products are stored at our tank farm and distributed locally by Truck Rack Systems, regionally by our marine terminal and internationally via bunkering.

We also store, treat, and provide marine handling of crude oil for export and provide laboratory services to assess the quality of the products received and sold.

Our 120 employees and over 400 contractors are focused on providing safe, secure and reliable services and assisting our fence-line communities through sustainable programs.

We are Paria – The Passion and Energy to Make a Difference