Dear Parents & Guardians:

Congratulations! You have made one of the best decisions of your life by choosing to use as part of your SEA preparation. By using our computer-based program, not only will your child’s academic ability improve, but they will also gain valuable computer skills. We at understand the anxiety and concern that comes along with the SEA examination. In fact, it was through the experience of having our own children prepare for the SEA exam that was born. This guide is designed to start you on your journey.

What has to offer?

  1. Standard 4 Mathematics Learning Progression
  2. 27 SEA Math and Language Arts Practice & Revision Exercises (arranged by topic)
  3. Math and Language Arts Practice Tests (online and paper-based)
  4. Automated answers, Tutorials and Worked examples (online)
  5. Website Feedback Features- Feedback & Reports
  6. Fun and Motivation

1. The Standard 4 Mathematics Learning Progression (MLP)

Created in 2015, in accordance with the new S.E.A syllabus, the MLP is divided into 4 strands: Number, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. Each strand comprises of a number of topics, with matching exercises that assess your child’s mastery. For each topic in the progression, provides you with 2 exercises that test your child’s skill. Ensure that your child covers each topic and completes each exercise. Provide your child with support by monitoring and tracking their progress.

2. offers 26 SEA Math and Language Arts Practice and Revision Exercises that

cover 26 topics of the S.E.A. curriculum. These exercises are an excellent tool for assessment, measuring your child’s performance in each topic area. The Practice exercises narrowly focus on specific skills within each topic, while Revision exercises cover a wide range of skills. We recommend that you complete practice exercises before attempting revision exercises.

3. Math and Language Arts Practice Tests

all cover a wide base of topics. Each closely simulates the SEA examination in form, structure, length and levels of difficulty. We recommend that you use these exercises as your primary tool of examination practice.

4. –Automatic answers.

Once a student hit submit they will automatically know if their answers are correct.

Tutorials, Worked Examples & Feedback

buttons can be found below each question in the practice and revision exercises by clicking on a small green board. This feature is designed to guide students and parents who may be unsure about certain questions.

5. Website Feedback & My Report Features

The feedback icons are located below each item in each exercise. To send direct messages to, click on the small red envelope icon. This button allows students, parents or teachers to communicate with us. Type in your questions or concerns and we will respond to you immediately. After all, it’s your feedback that helps us grow.

6. My Report

allows parent, teachers and students to track student performance and progress, from the moment student begins practicing.It also makes it easy for the child and their teacher to set mutually agreed upon goals and practice targets. As well as gives students and parents control over their learning by providing quick access to students' progress, so they’ll know exactly when assignments are completed, and how well your children are performing.

7. Fun & Motivation

We at know that motivation is essential to get students going and keep them interested. In addition to providing our digital natives with an enjoyable online experience, our reward system offers students an opportunity to win any of the over 300 prizes and numerous certificates that awards each month.