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Sebastian Singh – Canaan Presbyterian Primary

On February 18th, 2020, the deaths for the number of Covid-19 cases soared to three billion. The world was in havoc and I, Dr. Time, was the only human capable of ending this devastating pandemic. Previously, I was a scientist studying supernatural phenomenon when one day I experimented on myself and I was accidentally granted three unique superpowers: time travel, teleportation and immortality. So, to restore the world’s order, I decided to time travel to the time it all began in early December, 2019 in Wuhan, China.

I closed my eyes and chanted the words, ‘’December 2019, Wuhan, China, ‘’ and in the blink of an eye, I time travelled to the location. I was already armed with accurate knowledge that Covid-19 was a bat- borne virus passed down to humans from captured animals in an illegal wet market. I devised a quick-witted plan to destroy the markets and free the animals thus eliminating the virus at its source. Needless to say, I needed a huge diversion. So, with the use of my teleportation, I acquired a few items from a supermarket: two lighters, cans of gasoline and an aerosol can. I ventured over to a nearby abandoned house and set fire to the aerosol can. Boom! Chaos ensued as the can exploded drawing the attention of everyone in the market. As the people scurried to safety, I released the captured animals and then spilled gasoline along the floor of the market. With the convenient use of teleportation, I was able to repeat this destroying all the markets in China by igniting the gasoline. Finally, I returned to the present grinning from ear to ear. Little did I know, what trouble awaited me!

As I stepped onto the streets of San Fernando, I was knocked into next week and gasped, “Oh my God!” as I encountered thousands of blackened bodies strewn all over the streets. Just at that juncture, I realized I had disrupted the space-time continuum causing a deadlier strain of the Corona virus to emerge. “What have I done?” I whispered in terror. Regaining my composure, I perceived the key to saving the world was not the past but the future.

Immediately, I traveled five years into the future where scientists had identified the unknown virus as the OrthoCovid19 and were working assiduously for a possible cure. As a scientist, I worked alongside them perfecting the vaccine. At nights, I used my immortality to my advantage and tested vaccine after vaccine on myself as human testing was extremely dangerous. After numerous trials where I developed side effects such as: vomiting, nausea, heart defects and paralysis, the vaccine was ready.

After months of trials the vaccine was ready to be dispersed worldwide. Next, I again time travelled to the day I destroyed the markets and teleported to every country worldwide where I dispersed the vaccine in water sources. Strutting like a peacock, I returned to my time immensely satisfied that Dr. Time had once again saved the world!

Winner Essays

Caden Richards - La Pastora Government

"Oh Lord when will it end?' screamed my father. My family and I were travelling to Tru Valu Supermarket in the Croisee in San Juan. The once bright and bustling area was now dreary and almost deserted. People were lined up six feet apart in the front of KFC and other stores. Although everyone's faces were covered with masks, you can see the sadness and frustration in their eyes. Ever since the Covid-19 virus entered our shores, things have never been the same.

 There were signs everywhere! "No mask, no entry", "Sanitize as you enter". At home I couldn't even play with my friends far less see them at school. "Schools will be closed until further notice," reported the man on the radio. We all sighed as we journeyed home with bags of much need non-perishables.

 That evening, I was outside. Everyone was wearing a face mask. Suddenly, my mother yelled, "You cannot venture outside during the pandemic!" Worry and fear were etched on her face. Sadly, I played with my German Shepard, Benjai in the backyard. After becoming tired of playing, I sat on one of the mint green patio chairs. "Why does life have to be this way, Benjai?" I asked. "Woof!" he replied. "If only there was some way to get rid of this dreadful virus," I sighed, as darkness fell upon the land. I prayed for a miracle, anything that would take this virus away and then fell asleep.

 Suddenly, my room became as bright as the morning. I opened my window and stared in horror as a bright light came towards me. As the light engulfed me, I floated in the air. Then it left as quick as it came. I fell to my bed and screamed. My parents came rushing in. "Did you see it?" I asked fear-stricken, "Did you see the light?" Both mom and dad looked at each other, confused. They reassured me that it was just a dream and stayed with me until I fell asleep.

Next morning, after breakfast, I decided to pick mangoes. My eyes fell upon a large, rosy one that was a few branches above me. I really wanted that mango so I jumped to reach it. To my surprise, I flew up passed the branch and reached on top of the tree! "How did I get here?" I wondered. I was as scared as a grasshopper. I just did not know how to get down. I then decided to jump for it. I did and found myself floating in mid-air! I got the mango and gently landed. I quickly gave my mother the mango and returned to the backyard. I was confused yet, curiously elated. A spirit of determination came over me. Will it happen again? I ran and jumped and found myself flying again. I flew over the house and almost screamed with delight!

 On the following morning, the news highlighted that the virus was getting worse. Covid-19 was spreading to other countries. With my newly-found powers, I came upon an idea. I decided to protect the people of my country from the dreaded Covid-19. 

 My mother and I went to the grocery. I bought some packs of masks and bottles of hand sanitizer. " Why do you need so many masks and sanitizers?" asked my mother. "To protect myself. You can never be too safe." I replied. "Okay," she said in a confused tone.

 On reaching home, I took the masks and sanitizers and gingerly went to my room. With my backpack, I flew out the bedroom window and went to various villages. I gave masks and hand sanitizers to needy people in Paramin, Carenage and Cocorite. People were surprised to see me flying. I made sure to sanitize my hands and at times wore gloves. There were groups of people who sewed thousands of masks but had no means of transport to deliver. "Can you help us"? they asked. "Of course!" I replied and gave masks to people as far as Toco in the east and Icacos and Guayaguayare in the south, I could not forget our sister isle, Tobago. I went to every village! In a matter of days, I knew my beautiful country inside out.

 The days ahead, I kept informed of this terrible virus by viewing the press conferences that were hosted by our Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (W.H.O) website. Besides wearing masks and using sanitizers, everyone must practice physical distancing. Therefore, I made it my mission to fly all over my country and ensure that this was being done. I was happy to be able to use my new found power to help defeat our greatest villain, Covid-19. 

 What felt like months later, I opened my eyes and realized I fell asleep in my backyard with my dog Benjai. That was when I realized my superhero mission was just a dream. However, due to my very vivid dream, I was inspired to do my part and tell my family and friends about the importance or wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and physical distancing so that very soon the world will conquer this terrible pandemic called Covid-19.

Winner Essays

Dylan Sookdhan - Freeport Presbyterian Primary School

Ear piercing screams filled the atmosphere with fear. The nasty green COVID 19 minions flooded the Earth with a deadly virus. The sky that was once a brilliant blue started to slowly turn a faint green. “You must use your superpowers to save the Earth.” I stuttered to myself as fear coursed through my veins.

What you may be wondering is how I became a superhero, let me take you back to two years ago. I was washing my hands when all of a sudden my mom told me to never use the hand soap in the blue bottle. Being the ignorant little boy I was, I used it anyway it severely burned my hands. I woke up in the hospital and found out it was a dangerous acid that my mom was hiding in a soap container.

The next day, I woke up surrounded by a clear liquid. It felt like slime and smelled like blueberries. I struggled to figure out what it was. A few days later when I found out I could run super-fast because soap was forming under my feet. I could also fire high pressure suds from my hands and could fly.

Now today here's COVID 19. It appeared as a minute spaceship filled with green sphere-shaped deadly creatures. Even though I kept my powers a secret, I realized it was my time to shine.

I ascended to the big spaceship that was almost the size of a planet. At this point a menacing voice utter “So you’re the chosen one sent here to defeat me.” I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard this but it kept on going “Petty human. Why would the soap king choose you?” He must be really desperate,” he said once more with a sinister laugh.

I shot off like a speeding bullet as the ship seemed to grow bigger and bigger as I approached it. I let out a mighty scream and to my surprise soap shot out of my mouth like a water gun. I was now surrounded by an army of green spheres all ready to battle.

I fought back only to see my senses were heightened. I was ready to battle with every punch and kick streams of soap shot out like Spider Man's webs. They retreated and I could see fear in their eyes. So I used this to my advantage. While still in mid-air blood curdling screams distracted me as flooding it with a deadly virus. The sky that was once bright blue started to turn a faint green in fear, I said to myself “you must save the earth. I flew towards the ground as the minions started to attack the bystanders.

I plummeted back to earth as the infected bystanders numbers grew. At this point I could hear a faint voice I never heard before but yet it sounded so familiar it stated to me “I gave you these powers to defend the earth I wouldn't have done that if I didn't believe in yourself. Use the powers for good and believe in yourself.” At this point the minions had killed several innocent people. With one swift blow, I knocked out three and with another I knocked out four. In no time at all they were all defeated. Or so I thought hundreds if not thousands more descended from the spaceship at this point but luckily I knew what I had to do.

Congratulations to the Winners

Sebastian Singh - Canaan Presbyterian Primary
Caden Richards - La Pastora Government
Bethany Sykes - Scarborough Methodist School
Dylan Sookdhan - Freeport Presbyterian Primary School
Keyondre Oliver - No school given

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Student must be a primary school student in Trinidad and Tobago Students must write an essay based on the topic above Essay's can either be submitted through pennacool.com's facebook page or feedback@pennacool.com Essays must be submitted by September 30th The five most creative and fun essays will win!


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