Ministry of Education Approvals

We would like to thank the Ministry of Education for its positive response to the project. In particular we are grateful for the Ministry's vote of confidence in its approval of the following:

  • Our development of online based education programs for both primary and secondary schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Computer based programs that assist teachers in their work as educators.

  • pennacoolLite Mathematics for Form one laptops
    Our downloadable program is approved for installation and use on Form one laptops for Sept' 2010 and Sept' 2011.

  • SEA Revision Exercise Workbooks
    These booklets have been used in schools throughout Trinidad & Tobago. Approval by the Ministry means that these booklets can be included by principals on SEA booklists if they think it appropriate. The decision by principals, teachers and parents to purchase and use these books is first of all based on the academic value of our booklets. At the same time this decision supports us financially and allows us to provide the online program free of charge for the benefit of all.

The fourth R

All are familiar with the three R's. Reading, wRiting, and aRithmitic. In today's world computeR literacy is now just as important. Often students, as well as parents, call us to be instructed as to how to register online, how to logon, what is a user name, etc. We are proud that is serving to make many children and their parents computeR literate. We pledge to continue working within the Ministry's guidelines to improve academic performance and computeR literacy in schools throughout Trinidad & Tobago.