How to Win


About pennacool

What is is an online educational programme that offers practice and revision exercises for primary and secondary school students working towards writing their SEA and CSEC exams. At pennacool we strive to not only understand but to motivate students across Trinidad and Tobago making learning fun, exciting and rewarding. As we live in a technological driven world pennacool wanted to create easier access and opportunity for students to be able to practice and complete their assignments at home and in school.

Why the name

It surprises us how often we are asked, Why the name? It's simple really...who can't remember the joys of a pennacool? Those colourful suckers were the best and cheapest thing a child could buy. Pennacool was the "long-time" cell phone...everybody had one in primary school. It's a fun and relatable name which promotes education and encourages sign ups.

The Vision

To develop online computer based education programs for primary and secondary school students in Trinidad & Tobago. Programs which respond to the academic needs of students while teaching them the intelligent use of computers as a life skill. Computer based programs that assist teachers in their work as educators.

The dream

Our dream is to create for you an assessment tool that adds to your teaching toolkit and in a significant way, eases the weight you carry in completing the work that must be done in classrooms throughout Trinidad & Tobago, year after year. It is hoped that once you adopt this tool, you and your students will be able to engage in much more of what you love- teaching and learning.

To assist you along your path to success, has created several instructional videos that can be found on the website and on YouTube. These videos walk you through the critical aspects of implementation, and even provide strategies and techniques that you can use as you work towards the instructional model that works best for you, your school and, most importantly, your students.

Benefits of Using pennacool

  • It is self-correcting - students know immediately if they are right or wrong
  • Students are motivated and incentivized to work harder
  • Makes learning a lot more fun and easier
  • Sign up is free
  • It targets specific topics, so students can practise areas that they are weaker in
  • It is based on the Ministry of Education Curriculum
  • Students like it because it is private
  • Teachers can use it as a tool for formative assessment