How to Win


About KFC

The Dynamic Duo: KFC and In the realm of education and community support, partnerships can yield remarkable results. Enter the dynamic duo: KFC and Their collaboration transcends fast food and e-learning, creating a synergy that benefits students, parents, and educators alike.

Fueling Minds with Knowledge KFC, renowned for its finger-lickin’ chicken, extends its reach beyond the dining table. By teaming up with, an online education platform, KFC nourishes young minds with more than just crispy delights. Together, they serve up a feast of knowledge, empowering students across Trinidad and Tobago.

The Recipe for Success Student Workbooks:’s student workbooks, available in leading bookstores, align seamlessly with KFC’s commitment to education. Parents can now find answers online, ensuring a head start on Standard 5 revision. Monthly Challenges: KFC Class Parties and Gift Cards await the most active classes and outstanding essay writers. Students engage in workbook exercises, roll the dice, and craft captivating stories—all while savoring the taste of success. Celebrating Achievements: On SEA Day 2023, KFC and celebrated outstanding students. Their steadfast partnership champions education, proving that learning and flavour can coexist harmoniously.

A Winning Blend In this flavourful alliance, KFC’s secret spices meet’s digital magic. Together, they create a recipe for academic excellence—one that leaves a lasting impression on young hearts and minds.

Back-to-School Feast: KFC’s Bucket of Stationery!

The KFC and Pennacool 'Win a Bucket of Stationeries' Challenge encourages students to earn points through Std 4 & 5 Math and English exercises. By completing these exercises, students have the opportunity to win exciting stationery prizes. The collaboration between KFC and aims to nourish young minds with knowledge while offering flavourful incentives.