Community Challenge Scoreboards

Challenge Scoreboard

Teacher School Points % Participation

Challenge Rules

  1. This Challenge begins and ends on the first and last day of the school term.
  2. Teachers must register classes through ‘whole class registration’ on
  3. Points will be awarded for correct answers to VCCE, online, quiz exercise questions.
  4. Exercises may be attempted 5 times per month, for points.
  5. Teachers must submit their Community Challenge Project proposal by 13th March 2020.
  6. Project proposal can be submitted on once a class has been registered.
  7. Only schools and classes located in Trinidad & Tobago are eligible for prizes.
  8. First, second and third place winners will be randomly chosen from qualifying classes.

Qualifying criteria: 

  1. A class must attain over 3,000 points from the VCCE Community Challenge quizzes. 
  2. Class must have at least a 50% student participation rate. 

Teacher must have submitted a Community Challenge Project proposal which involves students & parents


Term Prize

1st Prize: 

$3,000 towards a classroom makeover

$5,000 towards a class VCCE Community Challenge Project. 

MovieTowne tickets for every student plus two class-teacher tickets

2nd & 3rd Prize: 

$1,000 (each) towards a classroom make over

MovieTowne tickets for every student plus two class-teacher tickets.

Monthly Prize

Mario's Pizza and Paint Class Prize
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About This Challenge

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a MOE, curriculum-aligned, VCCE program on The program which consists of fun lessons and quizzes for students, will allow teachers to fulfil their VCCE syllabus requirements and at the same time, a chance to win exciting prizes including a $3000 classroom makeover!

The VCCE Community Challenge is a collaboration between and Republic Bank’s Power to Make a Difference program, through which we are supporting the Ministry of Education’s all important goal of Values Character & Citizenship Education for primary school students.